Honley Volunteer Teams

Our goal is to have back up teams where feasible, albeit we’re finding that the optimum number of volunteers with whom to work is 40.  

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Group 1:          Supporting the Food Bank at Thongsbridge

  • Packing and sorting incoming/outgoing food across the area including Honley

  • Deliveries to those in need

  • Managing over-stock of food which we deliver to those businesses who are providing NHS meals

For more information on the Food Bank team and fantastic work they are doing see the Good News stories

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Group 2a:        Supporting Honleyers in isolation with:

  • Shopping

  • Phone calls

  • Collecting Prescriptions

  • Being their point of contact for everything that the person in need may want

Jake & Sandra

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Gill and Suzanne friend to friend story

Group 2b:       Supporting Honleyers in isolation:

  • Being a phone buddy.  Many of our Honleyers don’t like to ask for help but we find by ringing them twice a week or so, just for a chat, we're finding out so much about our amazing Honleyers. 

Carol Roberts

Suzanne Nicholls

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Group 3:          Medicare Pharmacy deliveries

  • Managing sensitive information and carrying out pharmacy deliveries determined by the Medicare team, to cope with the high demand that the pharmacy is having to manage

Click on the picture opposite to see the team


Group 4:          Supporting Taylors & Lamb 2 Ewe

  • Given the immense demand for locally sourced food, we're helping our businesses get produce out to those in isolation.

  • We've GPs, builders and the rest out on delivery - what a great team


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Group 5:          Sally Sew & Sew

  • Makes hats and gowns for all those on the front line

  • Sally welcomes sewers (patterns are provided) and cotton/polycotton fabric (washed at 60 degrees)

  • We're supporting HRI and Leeds along with anywhere else that needs our support.

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Working in partnership with our churches

Our churches are doing an amazing job in our village, whether in delivering fresh food or ensuring that a friendly voice or face is to hand when needed..  If we find that one of our persons in need referrals would benefit from pastoral support, we refer these through to Martin and Ian at St Mary’s and Elim, who in turn liaise with churches in Honley and beyond (we've found that some of our Honleyers are indeed Brockholes parishioners and it’s been reassuring for them and us to know that Martin/Ian have facilitated this important contact).


Wayne & Richard at Punch

Gian outside restaurant - copy (Small).j

Jiyan at Savaro


Tony at Taylors


June from Zebra


The fantastic Medicare team - all still smiling under their masks


Jack & Tom at Lamb 2 Ewe

List of all the local businesses still operating to provide you with essential goods and services

We have a number of shops, restaurants and other businesses in Honley who 

are still operating to provide Meat, Groceries, Food, Take Away's, and various 

other services​.

This list is kept as up to date as possible and is an excellent place to start if you

need anything, including a treat to save you from cooking


Please click the image opposite to see the latest list.     


Sylvia Sellen

Lead Co-ordinator

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